About Jessica Silverman

Jessica Silverman is a certified parenting coach, a Positive Discipline Parent Educator and an early intervention speech language pathologist (SLP) who takes great pleasure in serving the needs of children and their families. In addition to her professional career, Jessica is also the proud mother of 2 children who she co-parents with her husband.

Being an early intervention SLP allows Jessica to partner with parents and teachers and improve the communication skills of young children in a collaborative manner. She is grateful for all of the people who welcome her into their lives and she learns something from each of them. Jessica finds it so exciting to watch young children develop the necessary skills to interact with those around them in more functional ways. She is the founder of Parenting with Clarity, a heart-centered business designed to help parents experience greater ease and positive, lasting changes in their family. Her desire to become a parenting coach and Positive Discipline Parent Educator came about from her own parenting challenges and the struggles she often witnesses in the families that she supports. Jessica feels that being a parent is one of the greatest gifts and the most daunting of responsibilities, as parents are helping to shape the life of another human being. Parenthood can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions. Jessica has personally experienced feelings of indescribable joy, pride, and excitement as well as frustration, anger, and fear. This journey continues to teach her so much as she makes mistakes and learns better, more effective approaches along the way. She believes that whether you wish for better communication, more happiness, less stress, or stronger family connections, having the right tools and support make achieving your goals so much easier and faster.

 Jessica earned a BS in Communication Disorders from Penn State University, an MA in Speech Language Pathology from Temple University, became a Certified Parenting Coach and Consultant through the Academy of Coaching Parents International, and enjoys ongoing personal and professional development. As a mom, an SLP and a parenting coach and educator, Jessica is strongly committed to being the best that she can be with her own family and with the children and families that she serves.